At the beginning of 2014 KV Transport bought a new generation Volvo FH. In May we helped to make a TV-show named “Võta või jäta” (“Take it or leave it”). You can see the result HERE.

Fleet renewal in 2011.

01.11.2011 – KV Transport updated its fleet replacing four Scania trucks to new Volvo trucks. We chose Scania in 2008, but unfortunately we didn’t like the results. New Volvos are established themselves as the low fuel consumption, a good feedback to the driver, as well road safety and comfort.

In addition, all new Volvos have factory installed vehicles tracking system that allows provide to customer the exact information that comes from the car – when the car is at loading and when it is reaching destination. Also, this device is able to communicate with the driver through Dynafleet system dispatcher. All of our other trucks are using Navirec solution with the same file types as efficient Volvo Dynafleet unit. Such solutions save ours and customer’s time, and the entire fleet will work much more efficient and transparent.


Summerdays 2008

Pärnu international carriersSummerdays 2008
July 11.-13. at Kaisma Big Lake Recreation Centre
Style: “re-training exercises”

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